ND 432-L - 3 Axis CNC Double Station

* Real double station processing feature is only machine in its class,
* Two file can be uploaded to machine control unit, with different names, so this is uniq feature compared to other machines.
* With the help of new tire technology, which is coated on aluminum trays, obtaining high processing quality and performance of the fixing the small pieces.
*Stress relieved, rigid, thanks to the special alloy casting and steel body, flicker, reaches a high degree of machining accuracy
*Thanks to the re-designed mechanical movement,with  zero mechanical backlash , it has reached the processing sensitivity to withstand for many years.
Unlike the backlash's corrected via software,  
   after a certain time, processing errors caused by corrosion will not occur.
*Not deformed, thanks to long-lasting T slot aluminum table has reached the ideal power vacuum.
*T-slot table design offers the possibility of manual compression of the profile with the aid of clamps and profile processing.
*Small parts with the strong 500m3/hx2 vacuum pump, fully prevent slipping during the processing the material.The biggest pieces on the table thanks to the air bearing unit is easily accomplished.
*Regional vacuuming the table is controlled automatically. According to Valve's runtime system is a high rate of savings of the time.
*Thanks to Automatic and pneumatic reset on x axis, positioning easy and fast   
*The vertical Z-axis LASER AUTO TOUCH PROBE (touch sensitive measurement) measurement system can be achieved by sensitive resetting and does not allow precise-positioning errors.
*Moving integrated bridge (with a capacity of 8 teams): Prevents the loss of time with the team and replace feature saves considerable working time.
*With a redesigned dust extraction, processing is completed without any dust. This is both the cleanliness of the working environment and protects the machine from dust and sawdust.
*Automated and centralized tool cooling system, improve processing quality and performance significantly
*Durable electrostatic paint  
*CAD CAM 2D graphics and optimization software (3D CAD CAM and graphics optimization software is optional), fitted as standard on all RS-232 and USB connectivity with data transfer easier and faster
*The machine is delivered as standard with all the features mentioned above.

ND 432-L